Speakin’ shqip-lish

I was talking to some of my students today as they reminisced about their English-language-learning process and I learned the greatest fun fact ever. Are you ready for a little perspective?

In America, when people want to pretend like they are speaking Spanish we ignorantly put an “o” on the end of everything. So its “Can I have some bread-o?” Or “How is the job-o?” Now, we’re not being serious usual, but it does say a lot about how Spanish sounds to Americans. And in reality, many Spanish words do end in “o” so it’s not that far off.

Would you like to know what Albanians do when they are pretending to speak English? They put “ation” on the end of everything. So it’s “buke-ation” for bread (buke is bread in Shqip) and “pune-ation” for job (pune is job in Shqip). When my students told me that they used to walk around doing this with their friends because they thought it was funny and made them sound like they speak English…I actually almost peed myself laughing. It never occurred to me that people would mock my language like I used to mock others’.  It sure changes the way I look at my own language, that’s for sure.


“It’s not better. It’s not worse. It’s just different.”


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