Çfarë është?

I ask this question every day. Çfarë është? It means What is this? I’m always finding new and strange looking fruit at the markets and my curiosity usually gets the best of me. I end up spending the 50 cents it costs to buy one of these weird looking fruits, just to try it. Then when I get home I find my landlord, hold up the fruit, tilt my head to the side and smile as I ask him Çfarë është??? He usually laughs and tells me how to say it in Shqip. Most of the time I’m still confused and ask him to write it down! Then I run upstairs, power up my computer and go instantly to Google Translate.

Today I struggled a little more because I simply could not find an English translation for this fruit. So here you have it.

Those of you who always ask, What do you eat in Albania? For the most part, we eat the same things as you do in America…but sometimes new produce shows up in the market and I truly feel like I’m in a foreign country. Good thing I’m not afraid to try new things!

Right now in Shkoder every single market is overflowing with pomegranates and persimmons. How lucky can you get, to buy kilos of pomegranates for just a few dollars when in America it would cost the same just to buy one!


“It’s not better. It’s not worse. It’s just different.”



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