So Many Chickens

Okay, I swear, Shickens are like the rats (or maybe squirrels?) of Albania. They are legitimately everywhere. I’ll be eating lunch or having a coffee at a nice little cafe, and all of the sudden a chicken will run across the patio in front of my chair. In the middle of town! Or I’ll be walking down the street as chickens scamper away from my footsteps just like the freaking rats in DC. Cracks me up everytime I draw the comparision. And if you see a pile of trash, there will actually be a million chicken picking at it in the gutter. Every time I wonder if they’ve escaped from someone’s farm or if someone is out looking for th em. But I actually think they just live in the streets? So Albania has street chickens instead of street rats (shout out to all the Alaadin lovers lol). It brings a wholenew meaning to “free range” chicken that’s for sure.


“It’s not better. It’s not worse. It’s just different.”


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