Looking good

One thing I definitely love about Albanian culture is their unwillingness to sacrifice looking good at all time. While walking to class today I saw my neighbor out working on the farm, looking quite styling in his sport coat and dress pants. I swear, Albanians do not sacrifice appearances for anything. In a country with so little resources sometimes, they still take such pride in what they do have. Even if you are a farmer or handyman, you are still expected to look your best at all times. 

So much of Albania is steeped with tradition and following the ways of the older generation In the small towns people still cook the same food; the women still stay in the home, and the farmers still harvest crops in the same way as their parents’ parents’ did. The only difference is that now they do it in style. They make their Turkish coffees over little Bunsen burners; women clean their houses while blasting American pop music on MTV; and the farmers wear full suits while tilling the land.Image

The fact that Albanians still hold fast to traditions and cultures of their ancestors makes this country beautiful inside and out. It’s what gives it character and flavor and makes me realize I will definitely miss their way of life when I return to the U.S. Life is much simpler, much healthier, and much slower here. 


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